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Europe Maps in World Atlas Format

Welcome to our many pages of Europe maps. These maps of Europe show the European Continent border in a red line. Some of our Europe maps are clipped like the one below to the red continental Europe region line showing only the land in Europe.

Our Europe geography maps can be ordered in high-res layers in Illustrator format or other formats. Many layers such as capitals, cities, airports, and other feature where not added on these maps since they would be to hard to read at these sizes and scales. Just the borders and large features were used to create these Europe Maps. However, anything can be added on ordered custom Europe Maps.

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europe cities map
Europe Country Map
Country Europe maps like the above are good for simple illustrations where you want to overlay your text and graphics. Also, outline Europe maps can be used for logos and other geographic artwork where you only want lines showing.

Europe outline maps are also commonly used as country locator maps where the country is filled with a contrasting or bright color for a large scale overview of the country location.
Europe Country Text Map
Our Europe maps can be ordered with custom and random country colors for easy separation of countries. Water features such as Europe oceans, seas, bays, and lakes can be added to the maps as layers. Also, graticule lines can be added to the Europe maps like the one four below.

The Europe maps above and below are in the WGS 1984 projection also know as WGS 84 or the GEO projection. It is the most popular projection for maps since it is very accurate.
The coordinate origin of WGS 84 is meant to be located at the Earth's center of mass; the error is believed to be less than 2 cm.

Europe Rivers Map
Above is the National Geographic Continent Map of Europe.
Another map showing the Continent of Europe with some of Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey not showing.

It is one of the most popular maps of Europe on the web.
This is the public domain CIA produced Europe map. This map can be viewed on many of the most popular map hosting web sites. Since this Europe map is updated every few years and is kept the same size, it is a easy map to swap out. Also, the fact that it is a copyright free map of Europe saves time making maps. However, this map is NOT in vector format and can only be edited in a raster program like Photoshop. Also, EVERYONE knows where you got it.
We can make layered vector maps of Europe with text that can be edited and printed at a much higher resolution. If you only need a printable map of Europe, go to the CIA map site and copy the larger version of this Europe map off their site. Works great in Photoshop and page layout programs.
The Europe maps above and below show the major European urban areas in red. The small red urban areas tend to follow rivers and transportation lines.
Europe Urban Country Map
Europe maps can have graticule (latitude and longitude) lines added at different intervals. Common intervals are 5, 10, 20 degrees. The map below has 20 degree lat/long line intervals. The lines start on the prime meridian, but you can center a custom map on any latitude and longitude in Europe. Some people order custom Europe maps that are centered on their business or their country like the UK, France, Germany, Italy and other countries.
Europe Continent Border Map
Below is a Europe Continent outline map with ocean fill and country borders. These Europe Maps can be ordered in layered Illustrator or PDF formats for easy layer additions of your text, points, and ads. Europe Maps can be ordered with country text, capital points and text, city points and text and water text layers. Maps can also be ordered in tagged SVG format.
Order a framed National Geographic Europe Map for your office or home. Click on the above link for order information.
Europe Location Map
The Europe maps above and below show Europe's important geographic dividing lines on them. These include the: Arctic Circle, the prime meridian and lat/long lines.
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